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Most U.S. states, including Alabama, have adopted all or portions of the Uniform Trade Secrets Act (USTA). The Act provides protection for companies that lose money or competitive advantages when their trade secrets are misappropriated. In most cases, misappropriation takes place when a former employee steals the trade secret information and takes it to work with him at a competing company. In 2010, Alabama amended its trade secret law to increase the minimum civil penalty to $10,000 for willful and malicious misappropriation of trade secrets. The state law also makes it a class C felony for any third party to offer payment for the willful and malicious misappropriation of trade secrets.

Christian & Small has extensive experience in litigating cases concerning the misappropriation of trade secrets. Our attorneys litigate claims involving trademark infringement, unfair competition, dilution and misappropriation of trade secrets in federal and state courts. We have helped our clients recover lost profits, damages and have secured injunctive relief from the courts. Moreover, our experience litigating these cases helps us educate our clients about the best methods for protecting themselves before problems arise. We have drafted and sought enforcement of non-competes, restrictive covenants and confidential non-disclosure agreements.