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The real estate market is dynamic and volatile. Besides the typical economic fluctuations, legal obstacles, disputes and challenges take place in seemingly simple, everyday transactions. If you are in the business of purchasing, selling or developing real estate properties, you know how important it is to hire a real estate lawyer.

Our experienced real estate attorneys will counsel you through the maze of the real estate market and the opportunities, red flags and barriers that may be present. He or she will understand the demands of the industry and have the means and resources to protect your investment. Lawyers with real estate experience will also know what details and nuances to look for throughout the process that you may not be aware of. They’ll work to solve your problems, protect your interests and deliver the desired outcome.

It’s important that your attorney be experienced in real estate and offer a broad range of comprehensive services. Whether it’s reviewing a contract, litigating a lease dispute, structuring portions of your real estate transaction or clarifying terms of your mortgage, you’ll want an experienced attorney by your side.

At Christian & Small, our real estate attorneys assist buyers, sellers, lenders, developers, tenants and landlords in virtually all proceedings involving real property and construction. Our attorneys have extensive experience and capabilities in real estate development, commercial acquisitions, tax-deferred like-kind exchanges, land-use planning, mortgages and foreclosures, zoning, title examinations, quiet title actions and property management.

In construction matters, we provide effective counsel from the initial steps of planning and zoning through project completion. We also offer assistance in a variety of financing matters including construction loans, mortgages, joint ventures and bond financing issues. Our real estate attorneys work closely with their business law colleagues to plan and form a variety of business entities for the purpose of financing real estate projects.