Liquor Liability

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Alabama has some of the most stringent liquor liability laws in the United States.

Dram shop and liquor liability laws once only applied to tavern owners and establishments licensed to sell alcohol. Now the move it to seek to apply these laws to social hosts or businesses who serve alcohol at private parties, such as picnics, housewarmings, fraternity parties and office holiday parties.

The liquor liability attorneys at Christian & Small know that training and proactive efforts to prevent alcohol-related injuries are integral to decreasing civil liability and protecting your personal and professional livelihoods. For that reason, we often evaluate existing liquor liability programs, and provide in-house vendor training to bartenders, servers and other employees of restaurants and bars so that they can recognize and discreetly deal with underage or intoxicated patrons.

Beyond educating clients about responsible serving practices, Christian & Small proactively monitors current state dram shop statutes, drunk driving and insurance coverage laws. When our clients have been named as defendants in third party claims, we have tried these cases, often to successful defense verdicts. Our liquor liability practice offers an extra dimension to these claims because we have professionals with Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board certification who can represent restaurant and bar licensees at the Board level.