Director & Officer, Shareholder Litigation

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Difficult and complex decisions are made in corporate board meetings and in the C-suite on a daily basis throughout our communities. Christian & Small regularly defends the decisions of corporate leadership in derivative and direct lawsuits, government regulatory actions, and assist companies conducting internal investigations.

Our lawyers bring an in-depth understanding of corporate law and the dynamics of officer, director and shareholder litigation. We handle these types of matters as they arise in the context of disputes, relating to mergers and acquisitions, corporate ownership or transfer, executive compensation, antitrust, securities issues, business interference, trade practices, bankruptcy, whistleblowers actions, corporate espionage, internal fraud, and regulatory investigations. We also defend companies and their leadership in shareholder oppression and squeeze-out claims.

Our experience in defending companies and their officers and directors ranges from small family-held businesses to publicly-traded companies, and includes non-profit organizations, private companies and public companies in a broad range of industries – including technology, health care, financial services, retail, accounting, and manufacturing. We represent individuals, corporations, majority shareholders, management teams, boards of directors, and special committees.

Class Action Expertise

Director & Officer (“D&O”) litigation frequently involves class action allegations and/or alleged violations of federal and state unfair trade practice laws, including alleged violations of both federal and Alabama securities laws. Christian & Small attorneys have substantial expertise in handling such matters and is adept at defending cases that range from complex, multi-state actions to close corporate internal disputes. The firm is a trusted advisor to corporate management teams and boards of directors who seek to guard against corporate impropriety and ensure compliance with state and federal laws. Our attorneys help management teams ensure that they govern in accordance with the highest standards of corporate responsibility.