Deciding to appeal after losing a case is seldom easy. Even defending a judgment in your favor when the opposing party appeals can be challenging. In either scenario, appealing involves a renewed financial and emotional commitment to your case. Of course, there are plenty of situations in which correcting a wrong decision or defending a correct one is important.

If you decide to appeal or if the other side appeals, it’s in your best interest to hire a dedicated appellate lawyer. The trial lawyer often is too close to the case to look at it from the objective perspective that appealing requires. Effective appellate attorneys have that fresh perspective and a specialized set of skills and abilities that are necessary for handling appeals most efficiently and effectively.

Christian & Small’s experienced appellate, post-verdict, and briefing attorneys provide superior representation for clients seeking assistance with appeals and motion briefing. They have developed an outstanding reputation built on exceptional research, writing, and oral advocacy skills.

The appellate brief is the most important component of the appeal process. Our appellate attorneys are excellent writers, meticulous researchers, and logical thinkers who possess a strong command of the law. They also understand how to write a brief that is easy to read, persuasive, and tailored to the appellate court hearing your case.

Our appellate advocates have successfully briefed and argued appeals before the United States Supreme Court. They routinely handle appeals in the state appellate courts, the Alabama Supreme Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, and appellate courts in other jurisdictions. Our appellate attorneys also prepare amicus curiae briefs for cases in which our clients have a significant interest.

Our appellate attorneys frequently use their skills in summary judgment and post-verdict motion practice in state and federal trial courts throughout Alabama. They also provide strategic advice and record preservation support to the firm’s trial attorneys throughout the litigation process.

Christian & Small’s appellate work spans a wide variety of substantive legal issues, ranging from questions of constitutional law to complex corporate matters and personal injury cases. Our appellate attorneys are available to advise clients at every step of the litigation process, from preserving error for appeal to preparing summary judgment motions and responses, handling interlocutory appeals, petitioning for writs of mandamus, briefing post-verdict motions, and handling appeals.